At Honest Mary’s, our aim is to impact countless lives.

Starting with our team.

Our goal is to equip our team to grow personally and professionally, while being a part of something bigger than yourself. We are seeking to grow caring, humble, and hungry leaders to help run future stores, as well as send off some incredible team members to impact the world in other opportunities. We hope that when you look back on your experience you will have been supported and challenged to grow and learn while serving life-giving food to the best customers.


  • Work at minimum 3 shifts per week (~20 hours)

  • Strive to live out and grow in the core values each and every day while being trustworthy, friendly, and life-giving.


  • Caring

    • Get in other people’s shoes constantly, creating empathy and genuine care for them. This results in incredible things, like picking up a shift for someone in need, assuming the best in others in a stressful time, keeping the store incredibly clean for customers, and much more.

  • Humble

    • You have a posture of humility and teachability - whether you are a trainee and just getting started, or a seasoned veteran. We have never “arrived”, and neither have you, and you are okay with that.

    • This posture comes out in many ways. A few of the most prominent are submitting to the authority of those in leadership above you and being willing to ask questions.

  • Hungry

    • You have a passion to grow personally and professionally. You are at a place in life where you are willing to make sacrifices for the sake of growing.

    • This could look like many things, such as being willing to put in extra work, read a book, or do a bit more to take those next steps.

Position Overview


Front of House (FOH) Team Members are are the majority of our team. They are the engine that make us run. These incredible folks serve our customers, prep a lot of fresh veggies and greens, keep the store looking incredibly clean, make sauces and agua frescas, and much more.

We think it is a blast because you are always working with a group of 10+ people and accomplishing big things!


Our cooks are great! They are either working the grill or the oven, and they are serving up life-giving food in a timely manner, working seamlessly with the Shift Leader to ensure the line stays stocked up. The best cooks are willing to go the extra mile for others and able to stick to the recipe well, knowing that the end result is what matters most.

We look forward to receiving your application!